The Eastgate Centre and its surrounding area, including the existing bus station, comprise nearly 10 hectares of land and together form a quarter of the town centre. The Eastgate Quarter outline application provides a once in a generation opportunity to shape a better Basildon for you, your families and your community.
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Responding to our changing town centre

Following the birth of Basildon New Town in the 1950s and 1960s, the Eastgate Centre was built in the 1980s and sits at the heart of the town. Originally, Eastgate was the largest covered shopping centre in Europe and in the forty years of operation, various owners have carried out works and adaptations to respond to changing market demands and to improve the experience for shoppers. Eastgate dominates the eastern half of the town centre and the collection of large format retail buildings create an island, limiting connectivity to the wider town and presenting an uninviting arrival point to the town. The public realm around the edges of the centre feels unattractive and unsafe and doesn’t offer a positive experience to visitors.

Town centres throughout the country are currently going through a dramatic period of change. With pressures from online retailing, changing social and consumer habits and the COVID-19 pandemic towns need to evolve and contain a wider range of uses to ensure their relevance and longevity. Whilst shopping, entertainment and leisure remain at the heart of our vision for the Eastgate Quarter, we are looking to adapt large areas of the existing shopping centre and it’s surroundings. Our ambition is to create a destination with a rich mixture of uses including workspace, community facilities, a new food hall and new experience-driven leisure.

Along with an enhanced centre, the vision for the Eastgate Quarter will introduce a significant number of homes to the town centre and create a new neighbourhood with vastly improved connectivity and public realm, focused on new green landscapes.

We understand that people who live and work in Basildon are proud of its pioneering New Town heritage, but the town centre needs to evolve and modernise to ensure that Basildon remains relevant to the next generation. The time is right for the Eastgate Quarter proposals to be brought forward so that the town can thrive as a place to live and work.
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