The spaces provided within these proposals offer opportunities for the town’s diverse communities to interact, and nurture the future generations of Basildon, re-engaging the pioneering spirit of the New Town. We will encourage this by:

  • Creating a new frontage for Basildon Town Centre
  • Creating expansive new green spaces and routes within the town centre
  • Creating a new pedestrian friendly street network linking north, east, south & west
  • Creating new high-quality living opportunities in the town centre


Eastgate will lead a sustainable town centre transformation. It will champion interventions that promote wellbeing and environment. The vision will include new, connected green spaces for work, living and play.

The creation of quality landscaping and green spaces has been carefully considered and provided throughout the entirety of the Eastgate Quarter as we know that this is important to the local community. Approximately 3 hectares of new landscaped space will be created, and planting of up to circa 700 trees.


The Eastgate Quarter will open up new routes to and from the town centre, creating an urban network of attractive and safe streets and squares which encourage connectivity both within the town centre and to other parts of Basildon and beyond.

We know that having safe spaces is important for the community, including opening narrow pathways and increasing lighting throughout the town centre. Our proposals for the Eastgate Quarter include open areas which are full of light and provide access for all. Lighting will be installed to improve security and encourage residents to enjoy the evening economy of Basildon.


The Eastgate Quarter will form a key part of Basildon’s innovative urban core and provide a layered mix of uses that compliment and support each other. The proposals will deliver a landmark district within the town that will provide appropriate combinations of modern uses including retail, entertainment, employment and living.


The area will seek to become a home for digital creativity, with technological approaches integrated into architecture, living and working.
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