An outline planning consultation

These proposals are at an outline stage, meaning that this is just the beginning for the future of the Eastgate Quarter.

1. NEW TOWN GATEWAY A fresh new face for Basildon

Imagined as a new landmark arrival scene for Basildon forming a welcoming new frontage for residents and visitors alike, offering new commercial and residential space for socialising and living. The proposal provides density to enable the required infrastructure improvements to the roads and the delivery of a new enhanced bus terminal at the gateway to the town centre.

2. EASTGATE CENTRE The beating heart of the town

The Eastgate Centre will be transformed into a multi-use space with retail, workplace, town centre eating and leisure. The retail provision within the current shopping centre will be scaled back, in line with national trends that have seen a mix of uses introduced as high streets adapt to changing consumer retail habits. The centre sits at the heart of the town and we want to preserve this for the local population, enhancing this with a wide range of uses. A new external street will link Southernhay and the bus terminal through to East Square and the new cinema district.

3. SOUTHERNHAY MEADOWS A southern green edge

Recalling the meadows that surrounded Basildon, a significant area of green planting and a new sequence of buildings will front Southernhay. Ample landscaping provides a pedestrian friendly route to the town centre with pocket parks and retreat spaces allowing time to pause. The buildings are scaled to provide play-friendly streets where children and residents will feel safe, with apartments coming to ground with their own front doors and private garden space at ground level.

4. EASTERN GARDENS Sustainable family living

The journey from the town centre moving east sees a transition; the spaces become greener and more open. The Eastern Gardens will offer the largest public green space in the whole town centre and the scale of the development reduces to blend seamlessly into the low-rise housing beyond Southernhay. The proposal allows for different residential and different types of housing to create a diverse community - homes for young people buying their first property through to larger family units, elderly housing and assisted living.
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