What is the difference between an outline and a detailed planning application?

The Eastgate Quarter planning application will be outlined, in that it will propose a set of guiding principles for any future development to follow. The application will be based on a set of maximum limits which will agree land use, access routes, ascertain public realm areas and set maximum levels for building heights and massing. As this is an outline planning application, we are applying for the maximum number of homes – this does not mean that this will be the final figure and further consultation will be required.


Further consultation with councillors, stakeholders and community groups will be required on individual elements of the scheme and Basildon Council will have to give further permissions in the form of Reserved Matters Planning Applications for buildings and public realm development to proceed.

What are the benefits of living in a town centre?

Town centres are evolving and there is both a growing younger generation as well as an adapting older generation who are keen to see new approaches to town centre living. No longer just a place for shopping, towns are integrating new local communities who want to live, work and play in a single multi-purpose vibrant centre.
Many residents want to live in and around the core services and amenities that these urban environments have to offer – they want to have the convenience of being near to shops, restaurants, cafes, community facilities and public transport.

Will public areas be safe for all to use?

We understand that safety in public spaces is fundamental to all those who use Basildon, and our proposals seek to incorporate safety across all elements. We are opening up spaces, increasing landscaping and greening the town centre to make this a pleasant experience for all, with safety at its heart

Will there be housing provision for all?

We want to provide something for everyone as part of these proposals, and this includes housing provision. We are offering a mix of houses, from family homes to retirement living, to offer something for all generations to provide a wider range of different typologies, from starter homes to assisted living, that will cater for all different age groups.

Why are you removing so much retail?

There is a great deal of retail in the town centre, and we want to bring in some new uses to offer more than just shopping. The centre sits in the heart of the town and we want to preserve this for the local population, but want to enhance this with a wide range of uses.
New employment opportunities and leisure offerings will complement all of the development that is underway, and will help to create and grow a night time economy that is currently missing in the town.

What are the other socio-economic benefits that this development will bring?

A development of this size will bring a number of benefits to the town, including those detailed on this website. In addition, there are benefits over the course of construction – such as the creation of 360 full time equivalent construction jobs – and the potential for the new residential population to generate up to £67million per year for the local economy.

Can you give more detail on the delivery programme?

Delivery of the Eastgate Quarter will be phased, although the regeneration of the town centre will continue over the next generation and we will be working closely with the Council to reduce disruption.

What are the next steps for the application?

Following this consultation, we will be incorporating feedback from the local community where possible. We are looking to submit an application in the summer, and the council will then carry out their own consultation on the proposals. Further consultation on specific elements of the proposals will be required in the coming months.

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